Frequently asked or thought questions

Cheapest Skips has compiled a list of commonly asked questions and answers to help you with your waste disposal needs.

If you have any further questions not listed here or would like a personalised quote, please contact us directly.

Commonly Asked Questions

What size range do your bins come in?

We have a range of Skip Bin Sizes: 
 2m³     ~ 2-3     trailers of waste 
3m³     ~ 4-5     trailers of waste 
4m³     ~ 5-6     trailers of waste
7m³     ~ 9-10   trailers of waste
10m³   ~ 14-15 trailers of waste

How long will it take to have my bin delivered?

Standard delivery times are Monday to Friday 7:00am – 3:00pm. Saturday 7:00am – 12pm Midday. Orders are generally processed by 4:00pm of the business day immediately prior the bin service date.

You can book your bin delivery time using our online booking form.

What do I need to do or prepare before my skip arrives?

Please remember these vehicles are heavy, so choose a location which has little or no traffic, is easily accessible and will not damage the floor or surrounding area. Ensure there are no overhanging tree branches or power lines.

Any gates must be left unlocked and ensure your pets are not a threat to themselves or our drivers.

Please check with your local council for any permits where you wish to place a skip bin on a verge as some councils may issue a fine for contravening their by-laws.

Please note, we take no responsibility or liability for placing a skip at the location specified by you.  your choice in location, including any damage that occurs.

Do I need to be home when the bin is picked up or delivered?

No. If you have properly paid your account and specified the exact location you will not need to be home. 

If I have a bin placed on my driveway, will it get damaged?

We strongly recommend against placing a bin on a driveway if you are concerned about any type of damage that could occur. Accordingly, we take no responsibility for damage to a driveway if we are instructed to position the bin there. 

Can I move the skip bin?

When we come to site we will place the bin in the position requested and if this is not possible, we will place the bin in the best position to ensure the safety of the public and security of the bin.

Damage and injury may occur if you attempt to move the bin. If you would like to move the bin, please contact our office. Call out charges may apply. 

What is the hire period for a Skip Bin?

We offer 2 standard hire periods of either 4 or 7 days. 

To ensure you have full use of the bins, we do not count the delivery date nor removal date on our hire periods. This means if you hire a bin for 4 days with deliver on a Monday, we will arrange to have that bin removed on the Saturday.

Please note we do not undertake services on Sundays or public holidays. If your service date occurs on one of these days, it will postponed until the next business day.

Can I have it picked up earlier than the standard hire period?

If you require the bins to be removed earlier, this can be requested, however you will not receive a refund (or partial refund) for having the bin removed earlier.

What waste can I put into a skip bin?

You are able to place any waste into a skip bin other than:

  • Organic material (eg. food waste, plants, trees, leaves etc);
  • Asbestos and other hazardous materials;
  • Liquids of any type (whether in a container or not);
  • Car Batteries; 
  • Gas Cyclinders
  • Tyres;
  • Any other items that could be harmful to the environment. 

How much can I put into the bin?

There are no weight instructions.

However, there can be no waste that protrudes (Sticks out of) the bin. This means the waste should not exceed the top of the bin.

Where the bin is being field with sand, there is a sand fill level specified on the bins which is approximately 100mm to 200mm from the top of the bin.

If the bin is overloaded, we are prevented by law from removing the bin with the excessive content. The driver may then decide to leave the bin on site or attempt to remove the excessive waste to allow him to remove it safely. 

While our drivers will try assist where possible, for OH&S and Chain of Responsibility reasons, there is no compulsion for our drivers to remove the excessive waste. It is your responsibility to ensure the bin is presented in a manner which is it safe to remove from site.

Pick the Right Size Skip Bin for Your Needs

skipIt is often difficult to estimate the size of the skip bin you need for a particular job when the material and rubbish is distributed around the house.


Cubic MetresStandard TrailerWheelie Bin
2 Cubic Metres2 x Box Trailer8 x Wheelie Bin
3 Cubic Metres3 x Box Trailer12 x Wheelie Bin
4 Cubic Metres4 x Box Trailer16 x Wheelie Bin
7 Cubic Metres7 x Box Trailer28 x Wheelie Bin
10 Cubic Metres10 x Box Trailer40 x Wheelie Bin

Where do I put my voucher code?

Just put in your location, what bin you need and when you need it, then press "Find Price" and a box will open asking for your voucher code.

Alternatively you can enter your voucher code in the payment section after we've found your cheapest skip bin.