Get the Cheapest Skip Bin Hire in Perth

We are so confident that we can offer you the cheapest price for skip bin hire in Perth that we offer a Best Price Guarantee.
If you find a better price for a comparable skip bin without weight restrictions, please contact us and we will beat the difference by 5%.

Cheapest Skips should be the first port of call for anyone looking for cheap skip bins in Perth and across WA. We compare pricing for cheap skip hire from a number of suppliers and present you with our cheapest quote, saving you time and money.


We regularly review the market to ensure that our pricing is up to date and you are getting the best possible deal.

Delivery Options:

Our service operates right across the greater Perth area, from Two Rocks in the North right down to Dawesville, just South of Mandurah.

If you are unsure whether or not we deliver to your suburb, go to our Delivery Areas page and start typing your suburb name into the search field. If your suburb is in our delivery area, it will show with your postcode.

We offer a delivery and pick-up service from Monday to Saturday and you can specify the date you take delivery of your skip, as well as the date we remove it.

Skip Sizes:

Our cheap bin hire is suitable for the disposal of waste materials from any type and size of project, from a simple day’s clear-out at home, to a large construction project.

Our skips range in size from 2m³ up to 10m³, so we have all your needs covered. Be realistic about the amount of waste material you need to dispose of, as it is far cheaper to hire one large skip than it is to hire two smaller ones.

Skip Contents:

There are no weight restrictions and you can load your skip with all manner of materials. Everything from household waste, to furniture and appliances, to building waste (including rubble, tiles and aluminium cut-offs) can be deposited into your skip bin.

However, skips are for general and inert waste only, so there are limitations. Organic material, hazardous materials, liquids, car batteries, gas cylinders and tyres are not permitted. For a full list of things that cannot be deposited into a skip please visit our FAQ page.

Also, for health and safety reasons there can be no waste material which protrudes from the bin. We are prevented by law from removing any skip which is overloaded. We may therefore have to leave an overloaded skip in situ or attempt to remove the excessive material from the bin before picking up the skip.

Please refer to our section titled Frequently Asked Questions for further information about the service we provide.

Waste Management

Our objective is to provide the most competitive price for a skip bin in Perth. We continue to review the market to ensure we provide the best price.

Choosing Your Bin Size

Size does matter! Finding the right size for the amount of rubbish you need to get rid of is easy with our bin size estimation tool. With our competitive skip hire rates, why not consider upsizing. You may have additional waste to be disposed. The larger the bin ordered the more cost effective it becomes.

Areas We Service

We service the entire Perth Metropolitan areas from Two Rocks to Mandurah.

What Sort of Waste Can Go in the Bin?

There are no weight instructions. However, there can be no waste that protrudes (Sticks out of) the bin.

What CAN be put in the bin

Household waste e.g. Clothes, toys, paper, kitchen-ware
Office waste e.g. Shredded paper, cardboard, stationary
Furniture and appliances e.g. cupboards, lounges, whitegoods
Sand or clean fill (height limits apply)
Building waste e.g. Rubble, aluminium cut-offs, tiles

What CANNOT be put in bin

Organic material (eg. food waste, plants, trees, leaves etc)
Asbestos and other hazardous materials
Liquids of any type (whether in a container or not)
Car Batteries, Tyres or Gas Cylinders
Any other items that could be harmful to the environment

Pick the Right Size Skip Bin for Your Needs

skipIt is often difficult to estimate the size of the skip bin you need for a particular job when the material and rubbish is distributed around the house.


Cubic MetresStandard TrailerWheelie Bin
2 Cubic Metres2 x Box Trailer8 x Wheelie Bin
3 Cubic Metres3 x Box Trailer12 x Wheelie Bin
4 Cubic Metres4 x Box Trailer16 x Wheelie Bin
7 Cubic Metres7 x Box Trailer28 x Wheelie Bin
10 Cubic Metres10 x Box Trailer40 x Wheelie Bin

Where do I put my voucher code?

Just put in your location, what bin you need and when you need it, then press "Find Price" and a box will open asking for your voucher code.

Alternatively you can enter your voucher code in the payment section after we've found your cheapest skip bin.